Dazed And Confused - Led Zeppelin - Inedits 6: A Good Job / Berlin 1973

Had to stop during slow part of Dazed and Confused to put in a new cassette because the tape was about to run out. I disagree about it being a sluggish show. The crowd was very sedate. Drove up from Atlanta with friends. The guitar solo at the end of Stairway is my favorite of any live version. The call and response between Page and Plant is fantastic and they keep it moving at an energetic pace for the whole 12 minutes. I must say I concur with the commentary here I want to know the obscure and early releases on wax.

It could be very hard to determine a proper and detailed list because many early bootlegs on vinyl have been made after hours and often they had been scratched out from matrix nos. Several reissues came around almost at the same time as original pressing was made, especially with US market.

A good example is famous Live on Blueberry Hill, where at least 3 different pressings of a legendary Blimp have been made. It was not so long time ago, when someone had asked us to check his copy, which turned out to be a mixture of Blimp and TMoQ both were made by the same team of people and released at the same time. Often, they did it to avoid any consequences of being followed by services. Try to contact the owner of argenteumastrum.

His vinyl list is pretty about the same as the Hot Wacks ca. A continuation and exact dates could only improve his listings. Moonchild is surely a sub label or side label of Empress and was maybe just installed to release Fan-Remasters like Winston's works to provide them on silver discs at low costs or even maybe just for fun.

But what I don't understand is: if there is a direct relationship with EV why are they cloning themselves? According to bootledz. Eric Clapton. Jimi Hendrix.

Led Zeppelin. Paul McCartney. Pink Floyd. The Rolling Stones. Crystal Cat Records. Empress Valley Supreme Disc. The Godfather Records. Kiss The Stone. The Swingin' Pig. Trade Mark Of Quality. Vinyl Gang Productions. Yellow Dog. Dan Lampinski. Dub Taylor. Joe Maloney. Mike Millard. Satanic Pig. Spirit Of Boots. The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin. American Concert Series.

A Fighting Finish 2xCD. A Paris Affair CD. The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin. A Soundboard Platter 4xCD. A Sudden Attack 2xCD. A Worthwhile Experience CD. A15 3xCD. Absolute Hysteria 2xCD. Absolutely Gems 3xCD. Acetate Masters CD. Acid And Sunshine 2xCD. Adelaide Revival 2xCD. Afterburner 3xCD. Ain't No Fool CD. Air Horn Symphony 4xCD. Air Raid CD. Alabama Getaway 2xCD. Another White Summer CD. Anybody Got A Les Paul? Argenteum Astrum 4xCD. Assemblage 2xDVD. Australian Tour DVD. Avocado Club 6xCD.

Badgeholder Carl G 3xCD. Ballroom Blitz CD. World Productions Of Compact Music. Ballroom Magik 3xCD. Baltimore 3xCD. Baltimore Jack 6xCD. Bath Festival 2xCD. Bath Festival 4xCD. Berlin 2xCD. Bertha Blues 3xCD. Black Helmet 4xCD. Black Velvet 4xCD. Blighty 2xCD. Blind Date 6xCD. Blitzkrieg On Zurich 3xCD.

Blow Away 3xCD. Blueberry Hill 2xCD. Blues Anytime CD. Blues Brothers 2xCD. Blues Erotica 2xCD. Bonzo At Last 2xCD. Bonzo's Birthday Party 3xCD. Cobla Standard Series. Bonzo's Birthday Party 9xCD. Bonzo's Birthday Party 2xLP. Bootleg License 6xCD. Boston After Dark CD. Boston Cream Pie 4xCD. Bottle Up And Go!

Bourbon Street Renegades 6xCD. Bradford UK 2xCD. Bremen 2xCD. British Story 2xCD. Brussels 2xCD. Brussels Affair 2xCD. Brussels Audience 2xCD. Buck Rogers 4xCD. California '69 2xCD. California Sunset CD.

Californian Mystery Train 3xCD. Canadian Crunge 4xCD. Canadian Return 3xCD. Casino 2xCD. Casino Royale 2xCD. Centralien 2xCD. Charisma 2xCD.

Chasing The Dragon 6xCD. Chasing The Dragon 2xCD. Cosmic Top Secret Laboratories. Plant a little rough on the return, but he manages. Not bad at all. Heartbreaker- Decent first half. Solo- , Page takes off on a speedy set of runs but quickly loses it at Not terrible, but certainly subpar.

Whole Lotta Love- Plant really hurts the vibe of the first part. The funk section starts nice but tapers down to lackluster. Boogie Chillen- Page gets an excellent flow going for this and his fingers finally sound loose. The return has Plant being forced to scream against his will. A good finale. Communication Breakdown- Why? Were they trying to kill poor Robert onstage? He holds it together surprisingly well. Solo- Absolute overkill on the wah pedal. Not bad at all despite the vocal struggles.

Final assessment- True, this isn't a good performance for Page just isn't there mentally for a lot of this one. He gets some excellent runs in when he wants to, but often refuses to and just sounds unenergetic.

Plant is struggling badly but manages to keep composure throughout by reserving himself. It's still a very listenable show even with Plant sounding rough and not near as bad as I had previously thought.

Next- Southampton. I'm not sure the first Chicago show is the best one to "nitpick". They doubtless needed a bit of a warm-up after the break from the first leg, and the audience was clearly a distraction that's what Plant was referring to after DC, also was surprised people said something "sucks" back then.

And ultimately of all the night's problems, Plant is by far the biggest one. The next night would have been better to nitpick, it's an excellent, overlooked show. Ironically both this show and the previously reviewed Vienna show highlight how important the interplay between Page and Bonham was to the band. And I have to say I'm puzzled how these shows and the '75 ones that have been reviewed get lower grades than the LA '77 shows.

Or at least that's how I understood it. I'm not sure if there's a better example of a subpar show from this year. Fair enough, I just think the show had a number of extenuating circumstances that make its choice problematic for that exercise. I would say the New Orleans show or Kezar better fits the bill both definitely overrated by '73 standards. Page is sticky and sloppy. Agreed, the sloppiness that would creep in on some American shows like New Orleans or Dallas is nothing compared to Southampton.

Still, killer sound, and it's still '73, so some tolerance is called for. Overall I find the first leg of that British tour in Dec72 to be unfairly overlooked, Manchester and Glasgow are two of my favorite shows.

From the second leg, Bradford also cooks. The lost live album. Lost because Page refused to release it. But as we know, Page has trouble holding on to his intellectual property. Superior professional soundboard mix with a few cuts and instrument issues. The Winston version sounds best in my opinion.

Rock And Roll- Plant scratchy as usual for Good energetic first half. Solo- , doesn't get that ascending lick down proper. He sounds nervous. Not too bad. Plant really has to hold back on the chorus. Solo- Excellent phrasing from the get go. Good outro with Plant getting in some good vocal melodies. Black Dog- Plant sounding better now, but he's lacking enthusiasm. Solo- Good fluid runs and nice phrasing.

Still very good. This version is very flat and boringly straightforward. Page plays the main riffs so tight that there's just no character, and I don't think the unprocessed sound helps. Plant sounds good as long as he doesn't get too brave. Solo- Love those opening low notes. This solo is good, but lacks some emotion.

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But here, he rises to the occasion. This solo is simply amazing. Jimmy sounds as if he's blasting off into space. The solo is very psychedelic, going through many different textures and tones.

Someone on ledzeppelin. What makes the June 22 solo so special? There is not one moment of hesitation or unsteadiness by Jimmy. Plus a little something extra not played in any other performance of "Over the Hills and Far Away".

The solo begins at with those big deep bent notes Then Jimmy sets off over the hills and far away, traversing the peaks and valleys, ascending the mountains At around or so, he unleashes that fusillade of cascading notes that usually signified the solo was coming to an end. But he extends it a bit at with a few tasty licks that hint that he is about to wrap it up A whole new segment, almost a call-and-response type dialogue, that ups the swagger quotient of the solo I have listened to around 50 "Over the Hills and Far Away" performances.

It is a 30 second bit that was only played on this night. Finally, at the usual slashing chords bring the solo to an end. Page is incredibly fluid here and the result is spectacular. The best part is the outro solo. Page unleashes a series of ascending notes that are so gorgeous it damn near brings a tear to your eye.

Absolutely stunning! Heck, even after Led Zeppelin, Page still had more in the tank. He just needed to sober up first. A great example of this is on the Page and Plant tour. Jimmy's solo here is one of his best. There is no noodling or wasted notes. He knows exactly what he is doing here. It fits the song perfectly. It's a shame the song wasn't performed in this way while Bonham was still around.

Regardless, it's an exceptional solo. Ok, I've just showed you some great highlights of Page playing live. Here are a few concerts I would recommend that show off his skills quite well. Contains maybe the best version of Thank You ever, and a great Dazed and Confused. SIBLY once again contains a fantastic solo with long sustained notes. Dazed and Confused is amazing and features an amazing rendition of Pennies From Heaven.

Page is lightning fast throughout and plays through every song just about flawlessly. Highlights are simply too many to list. This is Jimmy at the top of his game. Instead of repeating the fanfare, he launches directly into the solo like on the studio version.

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  1. Led Zeppelin – Pigeon Blood (Flagge) gsparaco November 6, Flagge label, then Led Zeppelin’s Tampa show on May 5th, is one of their greatest achievements. and it takes John Paul Jones to take us there.” “Dazed And Confused” is .
  2. Comments: This is one of the greatest Led Zeppelin concerts ever and Dazed And Confused here must be the best ever version.. absolutely amazing. The whole band, but especially Jimmy, is just unstoppable in this show, playing with such force, guts, dynamics and passion that it must be heard to be believed.
  3. Mar 04,  · Beck had recorded the reworking of 'You Shook Me" before Led Zeppelin and was pissed that Page had subsequently done the same thing with the same song. The chronology does put Beck first. He was also pissed that Page had also dropped some of "Beck's Bolero" into "Dazed and Confused".
  4. Feb 27,  · Greta Van Fleet are gaining plenty of attention among rock fans. They’re reminding everyone of legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. Support the channel on Patre.
  5. Over The Hills And Far Away 3. Black dog 4. Misty Mountain Hop 5. Since I've Been Loving You 6. Dancing Days 7. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 8. The Song Remains The Same 9. The Rain Song Dazed And Confused Stairway To Heaven Whole Lotta Love (medley) * Inedits Vol. 6: A Good Job [10,12] 21/03/ Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany 1.

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